Carole Caroompas
American, born 1946
Collected by a major museum
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Carole Caroompas’s conceptual approach to painting explores narrative tropes and the inter-relationship of the sexes. Offering a feminist perspective on gender roles in society, Caroompas deconstructs the mechanisms of sexism through paintings that mash up imagery in suggestive, oblique juxtapositions. “These fragmented narratives explore through psychological imagery the struggle, conflict and vulnerability of male and female roles in a male dominant culture,” Caroompas has said. In a recent series of paintings and drawings that incorporate paper and vinyl acetate, titled “Uncle Lenny: Right As Wrong/ Wrong As Right” (2009), the artist focused on the comedian Lenny Bruce to explore ideas of verity and paradox, drawing imagery from pop culture and classic and contemporary television shows and combining it with overlaid texts of Bruce’s own words.

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