American, born 1970
Gallery Wendi Norris at artMRKT San Francisco 2014,
Gallery Wendi Norris

Brody Reiman and Charlie Castaneda, known better as the single entity reiman/castaneda, are a serendipitous pair of collaborators: both artists were born in 1970, received their BFAs from Carnegie Mellon and MFAs from UC Davis, lived together as roommates, and worked together before formally pairing up. The subjects of their work are natural and constructed spaces, and their frequent intrusions upon one another. The pair’s best-known works are installations they call “Still Life Landscapes”, in which landscape paintings and prints are arranged in a gallery space atop raw construction materials like two-by-fours, stacked units of drywall, and cast porcelain rocks. These expand upon previous works in which materials like insulation padding, carpet, cement, and plywood are stacked in towers, meant to resemble a forest.

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