Chao Chung-hsiang 趙春翔
Chinese, 1910-1991
Selected exhibitions
Alisan Fine Arts at Art Basel in Hong Kong 2018,
Alisan Fine Arts
Chao Chung-Hsiang Revisited,
Alisan Fine Arts
Celebrating 35 Years of Promoting Chinese Contemporary Art,
Alisan Fine Arts

Similar to the oil paintings of artists such as Kazuo Shiraga, which combine the vivid color and action painting of Abstract Expressionism with the history of calligraphy and ink painting in East Asia, Chao Chung-hsiang’s work is bold and expressive, melding two distinct cultures. “My works are a mixture of influences of East and West,” says Chao. “Their characteristics represent a new phase and a new tendency in the modern art of China. My works make use of the symbolic reasoning of Chinese philosophy to depict the relationships between Yin and Yang (Masculine and Feminine) and between Positive and Negative.” As demonstrated by the playful dot-and-line structure of Two Go Up the Fence, Chao uses painterly and psychedelic compositional strategies to make bright colors interact electrically with splashes of black ink and gray washes.