Charles Lutz
American, born 1982
Sea Change,
Miranda Kuo Gallery
Logical Guesses curated by House of the Nobleman,
Driscoll Babcock Galleries

In painting, sculpture, and installation work, Charles Lutz explores notions of originality and replication, and the way value is constructed in American culture. His “Warhol Denied” series, conceived in 2006, challenges economic assumptions in the art world. Beginning with the 12 versions of Warhol’s Self Portrait (1964), Lutz sent replicas to the Andy Warhol Art Authentication Board for certification; the works were returned stamped “Denied.” This process marked the completion of the works, creating a system by which their value was simultaneously negated and constructed, and thereby conferring them with new monetary worth. A continuation of the series, Lutz’s Babel (2013), which was installed at the 2013 Armory show in New York City, consisted of a tower of 200 Brillo boxes that fair-goers were invited to take away with them. “The idea was to disseminate the Brillo box to the …

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