Charles Matton
French, 1931-2008

In miniature scenes housed in boxes, Charles Matton constructed mixed-media models of real and imagined interior spaces, often inspired by the artists he revered. Drawing from the European tradition of doll’s houses and 17th-century Dutch “perspective boxes”, and maintaining an almost-fetishistic fidelity to the originals, Matton built tiny, meticulously detailed replicas of the studios of Francis Bacon, Alberto Giacometti, and Lucian Freud, among many others. In works such as New York University Club Library (2002), the illusory spatial effects of mirrors and lighting are exploited to extend the arched halls of the library into seeming eternity through reflections of light and space, while in New York City Loft: Homage to Edward Hopper (2002), Matton built an imagined tableau of a desolate apartment.

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