Chris Martin
American, born 1954
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Chris Martin,
Anton Kern Gallery
Chris Martin,
Rodolphe Janssen
That's The Neighbor Always Dressing These Boulders In The Yard,
The Suzanne Geiss Company

Drawing on inspiration from Buddhism to Amy Winehouse, Chris Martin “lets the paintings make themselves” and creates bold abstract works that explore the unknowable psychological tendencies of art. His canvases are characterized by flat-yet-textured planes of saturated color, and will often incorporate found materials and highly personal paper ephemera. Works such as Untitled (2013) demonstrate the influence of Pablo Picasso's collages, and his canvases' strong geometries also elaborate a self-proclaimed attachment to Piet Mondrian. Martin's practice came of age in 1980s New York, which saw the explosion of the East Village art scene, led by Keith Haring, as well as the tragedy of the AIDS crisis.

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