Christina Mazzalupo
American, born 1969

The quirky oeuvre of Christina Mazzalupo includes an ink and watercolor on paper series called “Stomachache” (2009), based on a food diary she kept as a means of overcoming chronic stomach ailments. Besides detailing everything she ate, these works document emotions, travels, fears, pills, and ailments, exposing her psychological makeup. Stylistically, some of these colorful compositions take the form of a visual diary displayed on a monthly calendar, while others resemble fantastical world maps wherein foodstuffs and medical symptoms take the place of geological landmass. “At the expense of my own comfort, my work provides consolation to its viewers,” she says. “I define, reconcile with, and exploit the misfortune and redundancy inherent in everyday life.” Mazzalupo is also known for sketch-like portraits of identifiable individuals like Leo Tolstoy as well as aspecific “types” such as nuns, babies, and matadors.

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