Christopher Bucklow
British, born 1957
Collected by a major museum
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Selected exhibitions
Christopher Bucklow: Guests,
Jackson Fine Art
LUX: The Radiant Sea,
Yancey Richardson Gallery
Wonderful Lies - A Summer Show,
Danziger Gallery

Photographer Christopher Bucklow pushes the boundaries of his medium to explore nature, process, and the human form. As a part of the “cameraless” photographic movement in the U.K., Bucklow's ongoing “Guest” series (1993-) uses pinhole camera techniques to create large-scale photograms of human figures. The complex process begins with projecting silhouettes onto aluminum foil and tracing them with thousands of small pinholes. He then places the foil over a sheet of photographic paper and exposes it to sunlight, the various qualities of light on a given day yielding different colors and shades in the projected image.