Christopher K. Ho
born 1974

Christopher K. Ho is known for his conceptually driven works that explore the role of collaboration as an “essential dynamic” of creation in contemporary art. A topic of particular interest for Ho is the way in which collectors, curators, and gallerists influence the aesthetic perception and monetary value of artworks. His projects are often site-specific, as in Happy Birthday (2005), in which he installed a nude sculpture of the Gallerist Edward Winkleman alone within his own gallery in the frontal pose of a Greek Kouros, an ironic comment on artist-gallerist power dynamics. Ho is openly interested in the so-called “institutional critique” of the 1970s popularized by artists like Daniel Buren and Hans Haacke, but he approaches this movement with hesitation, seeing an inherent contradiction in works that begin as an attack on the status quo and end up themselves becoming …

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