Christopher Winter
British, born 1968
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Christopher Winter: Virtual Being,
Garis & Hahn
St. Sebastian,
Edelman Arts
Unnatural History,
Edelman Arts

With a reputation for producing fantastical, humorous, and oftentimes provocative figurative paintings, Christopher Winter incorporates themes of sexual fantasy, pre-industrial or so-called “primitive” cultures, and sheer imagination. His landscapes have been described as the “devil’s playground,” exemplified by works like the “Wildlife Suite” series (2010) in which nude women are shown in varying forms of physical congress with men dressed in bear suits; in Wildlife Suite XII (2010), Winter uses this motif to mimic the composition of Édouard Manet’s historic and scandalous Le déjeuner sur l’herbe (1863), a playful act of appropriation. Winter is also a draftsman and video artist, and has conducted a series of “séance” performances, influenced by the similar undertakings of the writer Victor Hugo, in which he attempts to channel the spirit of deceased artists such as Hans Holbein the …

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