Clive van den Berg
South African , born 1956
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Artthrob at Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2018,
Clive van den Berg: A Pile of Stones,
Goodman Gallery
Clive van den Berg: Land Throws Up A Ghost,
Goodman Gallery

Clive van den Berg—artist, curator, designer, writer, teacher, and activist—has been working across mediums throughout the course of his prolific career, producing a range of works unified by his enduring focus on five interrelated themes: memory, light, landscape, desire, and the body. Embodied in his lush paintings, mixed-media sculptures, delicate prints, films, and public projects, these themes are bound up with the history of his native South Africa and its ongoing ramifications. He has marked sites affected by Apartheid with human figures formed out of fire, and often depicts the body itself as a landscape, bearing the marks of AIDS. For van den Berg, both the body and the landscape are sites that carry memories and scars and that evoke desires, which he aims to reveal in his work, often through the illuminating power of light.