Coke Wisdom O'Neal
American, born 1972
Selected exhibitions
Kristin Sancken at SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2016,
Kristin Sancken
Philip Bloom Gallery
Coke Wisdom O'Neal: Happy Little Accidents,
Mixed Greens

Photographer Coke Wisdom O’Neal likes to explore “non-traditional forms of portraiture,” wherein “the subjects are secondary to the concepts represented,” as he describes. To date this has included photographic series of ordinary New Yorkers, Ohioans, and Texans, looking tiny in a huge wooden structure he created called “the box;” nude models cramped into small glass cubes; and strangers exposed through the contents of their medical cabinets (which he photographed without their knowledge to “give the viewer a glimpse of what’s on the inside”). The artist, who was named after his grandmother, is influenced by Richard Avedon’s portraits, which he calls “environmental, without use of the an environment.”