Colin Chinnery
British-Chinese, born 1971
Represented by industry leading galleries.

Colin Chinnery is a multimedia artist who makes conceptual works, characterized by their wry humor, linguistic references, and wordplay. Chinnery, who is also an active curator and critic, is interested in the exhibition as a medium for conveying meaning: his solo exhibitions are frequently comprised of individual works that employ repetition, ambiguity, and contradictory elements, installed in such a way as to suggest patterns or visual relationships. Chinnery also uses his practice to look critically at individual and group identity, social habits and conventions. For his 2011 show “Perpendiculous”, Chinnery’s machines dragged objects along wires, including cigarettes, costume jewelry, a one-yuan note, and hair from a wig. Chinnery has also collected “failed” or discarded paintings by Chinese artists and used them as basis for new works.

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