Conrad Marca-Relli
American, 1913-2000
Collected by a major museum
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Selected exhibitions
In the Absence of Color: Artists Working in Black and White,
Hollis Taggart
Post-War Highlights,
Hollis Taggart
Conrad Marca-Relli: Reconsidered,
Hollis Taggart

Conrad Marca-Relli’s paintings and collages evoke architecture and the figure through intersecting abstract shapes. Working initially as a painter of surrealistic carnival scenes and cityscapes, he later came into contact with Abstract Expressionists like Willem de Kooning, which ushered in a dramatic shift in his practice towards purer abstraction. While still retaining an interest in architecture and urban landscape, Marca-Relli experimented with abstract collage, integrating figural elements made from textiles, drawings, metals, and plastics: this would become the defining practice of his career.

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