Constant Dullaart
Dutch, born 1979
Selected exhibitions
Shifting Optics III,
Upstream Gallery
Constant Dullaart - Synthesising the Preferred Inputs,
Future Gallery
Constant Dullaart: Stringendo, Vanishing Mediators,
Carroll / Fletcher

Although he trained in video, Constant Dullaart’s medium is the internet. Rather than creating works from the ground up, Dullaart instead relies on existing frameworks, websites, search engines, and the like, treating them as “found objects” on which he enacts distortions and witty reconfigurations. One of his best-known works is The Revolving Internet, a website that presented the Google homepage spinning in circles—and was shut down by Google, but not before garnering three million hits. He’s also created a work, Terms of Service, that turns the Google search bar into a mouth that reads the site’s oft-criticized terms of use, as well as several websites that poke fun more specifically at the art world—including a seizure-inducing version of a Berlin art museum’s website and an inversion of Georg Baselitz’s Wikipedia page. “The Internet has been out there for a long time; it’s already …

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