Corey Arnold
American, born 1976
Selected exhibitions
Corey Arnold: "Aleutian Dreams",
Richard Heller Gallery
Charles A. Hartman Fine Art
Corey Arnold: Wildlife,
Charles A. Hartman Fine Art

A photographer and commercial fisherman, Corey Arnold documents the ways of the sea and the people who work on its waters. Childhood fishing excursions with his father sparked Arnold’s desire to pursue a career on the ocean. As he explains, “These escapes into the vast sea wilderness . . . inspired me to seek out experiences beyond the town limits. I followed my childhood dreams of being a professional fisherman and carried my camera along to document the absurd, the mysterious, and the beauty that surrounds a life at sea.” After seven years aboard a crabbing ship, Arnold started his own sockeye salmon fishing operation, which he continues to oversee. He works on assignment for publications such as The New Yorker and Outside while also concentrating on his own projects, including “Fish-Work,” an ongoing series capturing the lifestyles of commercial fishermen around the world.