Courtney Smith
French, born 1966
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Baró Galeria at Mercado de Arte 2017,
Baró Galeria
Baró Galeria
Interlúdios 216,
Baró Galeria

As a result of migrating to Brazil from France in the 1980s, Courtney Smith developed a fascination with mobility and furniture—particularly that the French word meuble and Portuguese mobilário allude to both ideas—which would preoccupy her practice in the following decades. Smith is best known for her deconstructed furniture sculptures, in which she cuts apart furnishings and sutures them with hinges such that they can be collapsed or rearranged into several different shapes. She calls the works “manipulable pieces […] or ‘construction kits’ to be endlessly reconfigured.” The earliest of these were made using antique Brazilian bedroom pieces; in more recent works, Smith has cut up furniture into building blocks for creating new functional items and combined blocks from different pieces into hybrid forms.