Craig McPherson
American, born 1948
Selected exhibitions
Pittsburgh Drawings by Craig McPherson,
The Frick Museum
Darkness into Light: Craig McPherson and the Art of Mezzotint,
Fitzwilliam Museum
Mezzotint, Art of Darkness,
New Orleans Museum of Art

Throughout the 1970s and ’80s, Craig McPherson depicted urban landscapes of New York City at night, using the mezzotint printmaking technique to capture subtle tonalities and a shadowy, brooding atmosphere reminiscent of film noir. He was commissioned by American Express to produce two vast mural cycles in the 1980s—one depicting the waterways and bridges of Manhattan, the other 10 harbors from around the world. Over the course of his career, McPherson has returned repeatedly to his favored subjects; Yankee Stadium (Heavy Mist) (2006) recalls his earlier iconic work Yankee Stadium At Night (1983), a dramatic rendering of the landmark cast in an eerie cloud of mist and light.