Curtis Mann
American, born 1979
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Luce Gallery at Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2015,
Luce Gallery
Kavi Gupta CHICAGO I BERLIN at The Armory Show 2013,
Kavi Gupta
Kavi Gupta CHICAGO I BERLIN at Art Basel Hong Kong 2013,
Kavi Gupta

Curtis Mann, who has a background in mechanical engineering, uses his practice to draw attention to the mutability of photographs both as images and as objects. He is known to amass photographs of violence or conflict from image-sharing websites, online auctions, or estate sales, and then physically manipulate them into abstraction using a combination of scratching, rubbing, corroding, cutting, and collaging techniques. He most frequently works with varnish and bleach to preserve and efface different parts of a single image. Mann believes that “paying attention to the photograph as an object exposes it as something impermanent, fallible, and extremely malleable.” When asked who his favorite artist was, Mann replied, “somewhere between Gerhard Richter, Gordon Matta-Clark, and a little Richard Tuttle.”

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