Dana Hoey
American, born 1966
Blue chip
Represented by internationally recognized galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Utopia Banished,
Angela Meleca Gallery
Petzel Gallery at Art Basel in Miami Beach 2014,
Petzel Gallery
The Phantom Sex,
Petzel Gallery

Photographer Dana Hoey achieved recognition for her staged compositions investigating women's social roles and relationships, often depicting counter-cultural, idealistic figures, as in Freedom Officers (1999), two female correction officers on four-wheelers, or Pregnant Smoker (2002), a woman reclining in ecstatic triumph. Recently, she has departed from her narrative style in series like "Pattern Recognition" (2006), kaleidoscopic collages of original and appropriated images of women, and "Experiments in Primitive Living" (2007-2008), a photographic cycle exploring life under different weather conditions.