David Adamo
American, born 1979
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
David Adamo & Margarita Myrogianni - Two Person Show,
Dio Horia
David Adamo - Untitled (Music for Strings),
Ibid Gallery
David Adamo / Rallou Panagiotou,
Ibid Gallery

David Adamo is known for minimalist installations of wooden utilitarian objects, whittled down to fragility and accompanied by piles of wood shavings. Untitled (Music for Strings IV) (2010), for example, pairs a wall-lodged sledgehammer with darts, spindly canes, and a deconstructed violin case. Other works comprise baseball bats, axes, knives, and other typically masculine implements, which have earned him a reputation for violence that he refutes: “I don’t necessarily think about aggressive things when I’m in the studio…although I do work myself into a sort of frenzy,” he explains. These days Adamo is working on a larger scale and trading in figurative subjects for more abstract ones, such as construction beams. According to New York Times critic David Colman, “What elevates Adamo’s work above the mass of young conceptualists is not how cerebral it is, but how personal and emotional.”

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