David Baca
American, 1961 - N/A
Jorge Mendez Gallery at Art Palm Springs 2018,
Jorge Mendez Gallery

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1961, Baca began drawing when he was very young, inspired by his brother. His earliest drawings were of houses on rugged mountainsides with bridges connecting them.

New Mexico 1983-1987. During this period Baca embarked on a dedicated life as an artist. By the time this aspect of his career found its end he was able to paint all the time.

In February of 1988 he went to New York to paint. He found time and space to paint uninterrupted for all his years in New York City. His paintings were large explosions of inner city glimpses represented by Art Dealer Marcel Sitcoske, and hung at her 3000 square foot loft on Washington Ave.

Fire Paintings 1990-1996 - New York/New Mexico - As a result of a fire accident, which burnt his studio beyond repair, Baca created what he later called The Fire Paintings. The very first of these paintings is “With All My Heart”. …

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