David Gilhooly
American, born 1943 - 2013
Collected by a major museum
Anderson Collection at Stanford University
The Great California Art Movement – UC Davis Fine Art Alumni Exhibition: 1960-1990,
John Natsoulas Gallery
Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art

In 1962, in a bold effort to impress an art student he was pursuing, David Gilhooly enrolled in his first ceramics class at the University of Davis, California, in a decision that would ultimately begin his career as a sculptor. Gilhooly formed allegiance with other students, beginning what would later become known as The Funk Ceramic Movement of the San Francisco Bay Area. Inspired by Abstract Expressionism and the sculptures of Claes Oldenburg, Gilhooly produced sculptures with comical subject matter including food, animals, plants, and a series centered on frogs. He later created sculptures using papier-mâché (when he wanted to build three dimensionally and did not have access to a kiln) and, most recently, Plexiglas (after tiring of clay, which he stopped using in 1996).