David Huycke
Belgian, born 1967
Selected exhibitions
Caroline Van Hoek at Design Miami/ 2015,
Caroline Van Hoek
Caroline Van Hoek at Design Miami/ Basel 2013,
Caroline Van Hoek
Caroline Van Hoek at Design Miami/ 2012,
Caroline Van Hoek

Known for his granulated vessels, Belgian silversmith David Huycke appropriates a Bronze Age process and uses it to hyper-contemporary effect. Granulation, the ancient technique of invisibly soldering minute metal balls to a base, has been used as decoration for centuries. But in Huycke’s hands—and with industrial finishes—the surface treatment becomes the form itself, and in turn looks less baroque than it does biological. His tiny, bead-like spheres appear like cells under a microscope, regenerating fractally. Historically, granulation has been considered one of the hardest goldsmithing methods to master; and indeed it took Huycke half a decade to perfect.