David Kapp
American, born 1953
Selected exhibitions
David Kapp: Teeming,
Alpha Gallery
David Kapp,
Christian Cheneau Gallery
David Kapp: New Work,
Ruth Bachofner Gallery

David Kapp is known for expressionistic oil paintings of street scenes that capture the dynamic spirit of his native New York City. Graphic images of pedestrians rushing about in a blur, bright speeding headlights contrasted by a dark night sky, and skyscrapers enhanced by Kapp’s masterly use of color, light, and shadow, render fresh and immediate the familiarities of fast-paced city life. “Like Corot's silvery forest at dawn [or] Turner's golden haze on the Thames... Kapp has sought out an urban landscape that is emblematic and quintessential,” critic Robert G. Edelman once noted. With respect to his process and formalistic considerations, Kapp’s primary concern is to convey movement through space, believing this to carry the emotional charge necessary to engage viewers. He emphasizes the importance of spontaneity to his outcomes.