David Klamen
American, born 1961
Selected exhibitions
MMFA Inventory,
Mark Moore Fine Art
"All The Blues",
Atrium Gallery
David Klamen: Multifarious Paintings,
Mark Moore Fine Art

Contemporary painter David Klamen superimposes geometric lines over realist landscapes, combining abstract and figurative approaches in works that pose epistemological questions about art, humans’ self-understanding, and the systems that guide their experience of the world. Klamen is deeply interested in literature, theology, and philosophy, and his practice is based on investigative strategies reflecting those concerns. Given this intellectual approach, Klamen does not tether himself to one way of working. Instead he adopts various styles based on their compatibility with his inquiries: he paints photorealistic interiors and exteriors influenced by contemporary design, romantic landscapes filtered through the rigorous geometry of Minimalism, striped abstract lines that recall Op Art, and more.