Dean Melbourne
British, born 1976
Selected exhibitions
Arusha Gallery at London Art Fair 2017,
Arusha Gallery
This Myth,
Coates & Scarry
Dean Melbourne's 'Garland',
Coates & Scarry

Dean Melbourne paints kaleidoscopic views of verdant worlds that feature narrative elements. Pink and green hues dominate his large canvases, and the shapes of overgrown flora and scantily clad bodies melt into each other. Influenced by mythology, art history, and his life-long love of nature, Melbourne’s sensuous images fluctuate between figuration and abstraction. Dreamlike scenes of debauchery take place in uncertain environments in which the laws of the physical world have lost hold and pleasure reigns. Melbourne was chosen to exhibit in the Royal Academy of Fine Art’s summer exhibitions in 2009, 2010, and 2014.

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