Deborah Poynton
South African, born 1970
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Stevenson at ART X Lagos 2018,
Both, and,
Deborah Poynton - The Human Abstract,

Deborah Poynton paints monumental canvases in meticulous detail, primarily depicting her family members and friends, nudes, and scenes of crowds. Poynton works in a hyper-realist style in which elements like the angles of furniture are slightly distorted and an excess of minute detail is captured, lending the paintings a claustrophobic quality. Her works suggest fragments of a narrative, but with an elusive thread. “The more real-seeming the image is, the better it serves my ends, because then a paradox is set up which is just like the paradox in life,” she says. “The more we try to define something, either literally or figuratively, the faster it seems to elude our grasp.”