Delphine Diallo
French-Senegalese, born 1977
Selected exhibitions
Lawrence Alkin Gallery
Red Hook Labs at Unseen Photo Fair 2016,
Red Hook Labs
Vessels of Wisdom,
Jenn Singer Gallery

Parisian-born Delphine Diallo transcends traditional portraiture through interpretations of her world as diverse in media as they are in inspiration. During a pilgrimage to Africa to discover her heritage, Diallo produced a series of portraits inspired by African photographer Malick Sidibé’s black-and-white images from the 1960s. Like Sidibé, who decorated his portraits’ frames with paint, Diallo enhanced her images with drawings, collage, and patterns derived from surrounding plants and textiles and aided by her background in design. Based on a mutual appreciation for this type of mixed media, Diallo formed a friendship with photographer Peter Beard that inspired such collaborations as their Pirelli calendar photo shoot in Botswana and her series on African heroic figures. Diallo continues to draw inspiration from exploring new environments, most recently a journey to Montana to …

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