Diane Ayott
Selected exhibitions
Work x 5,
Clark Gallery
The Salon Show: 2017 Review / Preview 2018,
Clark Gallery
DIANE AYOTT Jeepers Creepers,
Kathryn Markel Fine Arts

Diane Ayott’s kaleidoscopic paintings and works on paper evolved from early work in realist landscape painting. Ayott was trained to paint in a representational style from observation, but had always felt an affinity for geometry and a sense of grids. Her paintings eventually became formally abstract compositions, worked in layers or what she calls “skins of color and accrual of information,” comprised of dots and short strokes. Together, these create impressions of movement, shifting color, and receding space. Ayott uses a combination of mark-making techniques, including rolling, scraping, and squeezing paint directly onto the surface. Titles are an integral part of her creative process; her influences include Robert Ryman, Agnes Martin, Julie Mehretu, and Jacob El Hanani.