Djim Berger
Dutch, born 1980
Galerie BSL at PAD Paris 2015,
Galerie BSL
Galerie BSL at PAD London 2014,
Galerie BSL

Ceramicist Djim Berger is dedicated to the exploration of porcelain as a sculptural medium. “The goal of my work is to open the spectrum of porcelain,” he says. “I experience it, make it take risks; I combine it to find new forms, colours or techniques. I want to help it reveal its true potential; bring porcelain where it has never been before.” Berger has pioneered a method of mixing polystyrene with the delicate ceramic medium, creating objects that have the lightness of porcelain but are significantly sturdier, making them suitable for functional use as stools or benches. Berger’s spongiform sculptures resemble aquatic plants, beehives, eroded stones, and other biomorphic objects.

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