Domenico Zindato
Italian, born 1966
Andrew Edlin Gallery at Outsider Art Fair Paris,
Andrew Edlin Gallery

Though Domenico Zindato was never formally trained as an artist, he developed masterful draughtsmanship from his involvement in theater design—he withdrew from his studies in design to pursue an artistic career. His drawings and paintings are the result of a labor-intensive process, requiring fine-haired brushes and nib pens. Though they appear completely abstract, Zindato’s works are based on repeating patterns, interspersed with swirls, drawn text, and symbols. He begins each piece by cutting up hand-made paper, and blocking in some areas with pastel; he then fills the sheet by working in a near-trance state for over six hours each day. The style Zindato uses is heavily influences by his travels, particularly to India and Mexico.

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