Don Suggs
American, born 1945
Represented by industry leading galleries.
80/50 Quiet Storm,
DENK Gallery
Don Suggs: Paradise,
L.A. Louver

Don Suggs has produced a stylistically diverse body of work in various media, including drawing, sculpture, collage, and painting. In 2007, his 30-year retrospective was titled “One Man Group Show” to underscore the eclecticism of his artistic output; for example, his paintings have spanned abstraction to photorealism. Suggs’ career has encompassed several three- to five-year spurts in which he meditates on a particular theme. “There's a logical progression to all the changes,” Suggs explains, “but it can be difficult for people to follow unless they're paying attention or they're particularly tolerant of variety. […] There are basically two kinds of career choices you can make […]—the path of consistency and slow building or […] a career basically based on inquiry, which is relatively unconstrained. If that is the case, it is unlikely that you'll be able to stick to one …

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