Dor Guez
Israeli, born 1980
Blue chip
Represented by internationally recognized galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Dilemma, Group show,
Dvir Gallery
Dvir Gallery
Dor Guez,
carlier | gebauer

An Israeli-born descendant of Arab Christians and Jewish Holocaust survivors, Dor Guez produces photographs and videos by which he explores his family’s tangled roots, posing difficult questions about identity in relation to the development of the modern state of Israel. Among his works is a suite of films featuring his Christian Arab family members discussing their position in contemporary Israeli society, and a series of haunting photographs of the town of Lod, which was a Christian-Arab village before its Israeli takeover. By telling the story of this community, Guez aims to challenge the way the history of Israel is told by complicating it with other narratives. As he explains: “I feel that a good exhibition has to be like an article with footnotes, and raise penetrating questions rather than just displaying art.”

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