Doug Ashford
Selected exhibitions
In the Abstract,
The Times,
The FLAG Art Foundation
curated by_Joe Scanlan: The * of Love. Doug Ashford, Geta Brătescu, Dexter Sinister, Polly Korbel,
Galerie Martin Janda

Collaboration is key to Doug Ashford’s extensive and varied art practice. Early in his career, from 1982 to 1996, he was a part of the artist collective “Group Material,” which treated curatorial practice and the exhibition itself as an artistic medium. The group considered “the display of art [as] a political event; making a place where what it means to be a human subject is confirmed and debated.” Their participatory interventions dealt with the aesthetic manifestation of geopolitical themes, which later bled into Ashford’s independent practice. In his recent work, abstract swatches of paint or collage often intervene and obscure politically charged images and text, mined from mass media sources. Today, Ashford is primarily an educator, teaching graduate courses in sculpture, design, and public art, and leading unique collaborative seminars at The Cooper Union, New York.