Doug Beube
Selected exhibitions
Fossil Tales,
13th Annual Art of the Book Exhibition,
Seager Gray Gallery
JHB Gallery at PULSE Miami Beach 2017,
JHB Gallery

Trained as a filmmaker and photographer, Doug Beube turned to another narrative form in the late 1970s: books. Focusing on novels, reference volumes, atlases, and art monographs, he approaches each text as if it were a body or an archaeological site, as he explains: “Like a physician or an archaeologist, I am driven to examine it, to dissect it, to cut it open, to dig into it. I am compelled to unfix margins, make tomes weightless, empty volumes of their stories and twist a point of view into its opposite.” Through these processes, he turns the books into objects and sculptures, and incorporates their parts into his mixed-media works. He has, for example, transformed dictionaries into African masks. Beube both honors and critiques authors, re-crafting their words into works through which he comments on the state of the world.