Eddie Kang

South Korean, b. 1980

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Eddie Kang is an artist that creates fictional space drawn from his memories and imagination. Through symbolic icons, Kang reveals his perspective on urban society and expresses the lonesome emotions people feel amid busy crowds. Kang has a pessimistic outlook on the city life, but seeks to find positive meaning behind them. Preoccupied by technology and racing to get ahead in the capitalist economy, people are prone to lose their identities in the systematized modern culture. Kang's robots are symbolic of the negative sides of a city.

Not only has Eddie done solo exhibitions in Luohu Museum(Shenzhen), Gana Gallery(Seoul), Sandra Gering Inc.(New York), Unseal Contemporary(Tokyo) and more, but he also has collaborated with MCM, Tribeca Film Festival Chanel, LG, etc.

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