Eduardo T. Basualdo
Argentinian, born 1977
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
CasiNo | Sentido Único,
Galeria Luisa Strina
Everything you are I am not: Latin American contemporary art from the Tiroche DeLeon Collection,
Mana Contemporary

The Buenos Aires-based artist Eduardo Basualdo’s installations, sculptures, and drawings reflect a deep understanding of the relationship between bodies and the spaces they inhabit. His early training as an actor and puppeteer formed the basis of this mastery. For Basualdo, the focus on the human experience of built environments serves as a framework to interrogate cultural systems and the ways in which they frame and control our world. Citing a variety of influences from literature, psychoanalytic theory, and film, Basualdo uses materials such as mirror, steel, and aluminum to create recognizable yet mysterious objects that recall mythic and dreamlike symbols. He favors large-scale sculptures, as exemplified by the boulder-like End of Ending (2012) and a series of gallery-sized steel bar cages. Basualdo is also a member of the four-person collective Provisorio/Permanente.