EJ Hill
Selected exhibitions
Future Generation Art Prize @ Venice 2017,
Future Generation Art Prize
Tenses: Artists in Residence 2015-16,
The Studio Museum in Harlem
The Window and the Breaking of the Window,
The Studio Museum in Harlem

EJ Hill’s endurance performances and installations, such as those staged during his 2015-16 residency at the Studio Museum in Harlem, often have deep personal roots—“I’ve been storing these experiences in my body since childhood,” Hill has said. In his work, Hill often pushes himself to the point of exhaustion—both emotionally and physically—in order to make visible the daily difficulties of living in a queer, Black body. Hill draws in audiences with deft displays of both vulnerability and strength; in A Monumental Offering of Potential Energy (2016), the artist reclined face-down at the base of a roller coaster sculpture until the end of each day, when he rose to go home. While his prone posture evoked all-too-familiar images of Black male victims of violence, he realized the “potential energy” to transcend victimization daily when he stood up and left unharmed.