Elijah Burgher
American, born 1978
Represented by up-and-coming galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Nudes in the Forest,
Ivan Gallery
The Dead Know Everything,
Western Exhibitions
Whitney Biennial 2014,
Whitney Biennial 2014

Elijah Burgher’s artwork indoctrinates viewers into a mystical cult of queer sexual energies. He produces small colored pencil drawings, as well as paintings on large canvas drop cloths. The latter works include sigil motifs—abstract glyphs that are concerned with semiotics but also evoke Modernist abstract painting. Burgher’s drawings of nude men feature his friends and illustrate environments from his daily life; they function as relics of rituals, and have a quasi-erotic quality, grounding the works’ more abstract components in the realm of reality. “At base, I want to know whether an artwork, any artwork, can possess meaning—to truly embody it somehow,” Burgher said.