Élisabeth Joulia
French, 1925-2003
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Magen H Gallery at Design Miami/ Basel 2016,
Magen H Gallery
Galerie Pascal Cuisinier at The Salon Art + Design 2016,
Galerie Pascal Cuisinier
La Borne: 1940-1980 - A Post War Movement of Ceramic Expression in France,
Magen H Gallery

In the period following World War II, French ceramic artist Elisabeth Joulia joined a group of avant-garde potters working in the village of La Borne. Led by Jean and Jacqueline Lerat, these artists looked beyond the utilitarian to create ceramics that stood alone as works of art. Finding inspiration in the land around La Borne as well as the region’s long history of pottery making, Joulia created organically inspired pieces with raw finishes.