Elissa Gore
American, born 1950
In the Country, By the Sea,
Madelyn Jordon Fine Art
Winter Selections,
Madelyn Jordon Fine Art

In her luminous landscape paintings, Elissa Gore aims to capture the transcendence of natural phenomena—mist evaporating over hills, a sparkling stream, sunlight setting foliage aflame—for herself and viewers of her work. As she describes: “I try to surround the viewer with atmosphere or a panoramic view that reflects a transcendent moment I feel. I respond especially to places that include air, earth and water.” Throughout her career, Gore has focused on nature, beginning with human anatomy and plants then shifting her concentration almost exclusively to rural landscapes. She is drawn to nature at its most serene and to the play of light across the sky, and on water and land. By combining oil pastel and watercolor on paper and canvas, Gore creates compositions as