Ellen Eagle
American, born 1953
Collected by a major museum
Art Students League, New York, NY

Ellen Eagle paints unidealized, naturalistic portraits in interior spaces and set against muted monochrome backdrops. Working in pastel on pumice board and in natural light, Eagle depicts her subjects with honesty and modesty: “I’m looking for the simplest possible expression,” she says. “Simplicity feels right for me.” Eagle is also interested in exploring her own creative processes through painting; in a series of self-portraits, she depicts herself at the easel, absorbed in moments of self-doubt or intense observation of her subject, as in Winter 2006 (2006). Appearing in a nightgown with her hair dishevelled and her arm poised to make a mark on the canvas, Eagle engages viewers in direct eye contact, offering an intimate glimpse into the internal life of the artist at work.

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