Emmett Moore
American , born 1988
Represented by up-and-coming galleries.
Selected exhibitions
The Bass Projects - Emmett Moore: Human Factory,
The Bass
Summer Show,
Patrick Parrish Gallery
Emmett Moore: IN-SPACE,
Patrick Parrish Gallery

Sculptor, designer, and furniture-maker Emmett Moore wittily blurs the line between artwork and functional object, creating sculptures that hint at utilitarianism and tables, chairs, and light fixtures that look more like modern sculptures than items of everyday use. Through his discipline-melding practice, Moore both complicates and enriches the categories of sculpture and furniture, collapsing the boundaries between them by revealing their tantalizing physical, conceptual, and aesthetic commonalities. In Eclipse (2011), for example, he tops a shiny black oil drum with a circular piece of cut glass set slightly to the side, supporting a brass rod topped, in turn, with a light bulb. As its title states, this work is a clever sculptural representation of an eclipse. Unstated in its title yet apparent in its form, Eclipse is also a table with a conveniently built-in lamp.