Entang Wiharso

Indonesian, born 1967


Leading contemporary Indonesian artist Entang Wiharso produces poignant, provocative paintings and sculptures, in which, as he describes, he depicts “the condition of humans who are often divided by complex, multilayered political, ethnic, racial, and religious systems: they co-exist yet their communication is limited and indirect.” In making his works, Wiharso begins with his own experiences, which he combines with references to Indonesian and Western folklore and literature, contemporary culture, and current events. Cartoonish human figures are central to his work. They make love, dream, attack and are attacked in lush, tangled natural and manmade landscapes. In his words: “Figures are interconnected by…ornamental vegetation, tongues, tails, intestines, animal skin patterns, fences and detailed landscapes.” Through such complicated entanglements, Wiharso reveals the hidden beliefs, pressures, and prejudices that have shaped the way humans have (mis)perceived each other throughout time and across cultures.

Career Highlights
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Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Roma (MACRO)
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ArtAsiaPacific, and 1 more
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Venice Biennale National Pavilion, and 1 more
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