Ernest Parton
American, 1845-1933
Collected by a major museum

Ernest Parton was born in Hudson, New York, at a time when the region was a hub of artistic activity thanks to Thomas Cole and his Hudson River School. The self-taught landscape artist was largely inspired by his older brother, Arthur, who inspired him to paint from nature rather than to learn by formal training; his work recalls Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot and Charles-François Daubigny in its muted, atmospheric quality. He traveled to Europe in 1873, intending to visit for few months, but ended up staying after finding success in London; he split the rest of his life between England and France. When his painting The Waning of the Year (1879) was shown at the Royal Academy, a critic remarked (speaking of English painting), “if we go on in this manner we shall, in the international race, overtake France one of these days.”

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