Estela Sokol
Brazilian, born 1979
Selected exhibitions
Divergent 2,
Clima Art Gallery
Dynamic Synthesis,
Galeria Karla Osorio
Pinta Miami 2017,
Clima Art Gallery

Sculptor Estela Sokol is interested in how colors behave as pigments and light, and particularly how they are reflected against white surfaces. Sokol often works with raw, monochromatic materials that are naturally luminous or reflective, such as marble, acrylic, or glass. For her wall-mounted and freestanding sculptures, she frequently paints the underside or backside of the material in a vivid color that reflects onto its surroundings. Other works include wall-mounted assemblages composed with layers of PVC, so that their colors blend optically and create an iridescent effect. Sokol has also created a number of public works and outdoor installations on snow.