Esterio Segura
Cuban, born 1970
Collected by a major museum
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Selected exhibitions
saltfineart + RAWsalt | YOUNG BLOODS,
Color Colectiva,
Esterio Segura: TAKING FLIGHT,

With a background in sculpture, Esterio Segura has become equally known for his drawings, paintings, and, more recently, prints. Segura’s compositions are witty and wry combinations of recognizable and iconic images borrowed from mythology, popular imagery, religious art, and art history, particularly from the Counter-Reformation, the Spanish Baroque, and the work of Caravaggio. Recurring themes in his work include eroticism, religious rituals, and the use of symbols. Lately, Segura has also incorporated text elements into his works. Text and titles have always been highly important for Segura, who believes that “titles are my thoughts getting concrete,” saying they offer the viewer an entry point into the work.