Esther Kläs
German, born 1981
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Peter Blum Gallery
Esther Kläs: CHERE: Sculpture,
Xavier Hufkens
Esther Kläs: Palomar,
Peter Blum Gallery

With visual and ideological links to Minimalism and Postminimalism, Esther Kläs’ totemic sculptures are intended for direct interaction and engagement. Her objects, many of which are built on a human scale from plaster, resin, ceramic, styrofoam, and concrete, function both as individual works of art and elements within an ensemble, as in the case of All In, that are in dialogue with adjacent artworks, the surrounding space, and the viewer. Her art-making process is centered on a physical interaction with her materials, intentionally revealing wire mesh supports or bubbles within resin so as not to mask the constructed nature of her sculptures. Through her life-sized scale and the incorporation of cast elbows and knees, Kläs positions the body as subject, encouraging reflection on one’s own physicality, as well as themes of movement and stasis.

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