Eve Sussman
American, born 1961
Leeahn Gallery at KIAF 2015,
Leeahn Gallery
89 Seconds at Alcázar,
Rice University Art Gallery

Photographer and video artist Eve Sussman is best known for translating well-known painting masterpieces into opulent video re-enactments. The Rape of the Sabine Women (2007), a heady and extravagant 80-minute avant-garde costume drama, recounts the famous story of the Sabine women and references Neoclassical history paintings by Peter Paul Rubens, Nicolas Poussin, and Jacques-Louis David. More recently Sussman produced Whiteonwhite: algorithmicnoir (2009–11), the title of which references Malevich’s painting White on White (1918). The work’s 30 hours of film/video footage reorders itself continuously according to a computer algorithm. “The algorithmic movie does something that’s a little bit like daily life,” she has said. “You can walk the same path every day—most days it’s not especially memorable—but every now and then something happens that’s incredibly memorable.” Sussman …

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